Energise + Uplift Rose Bath Salts

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Tranquillity Red Jasper Bath Salts


Immerse in the grounding allure of Red Jasper with our luxe bath salts. Infused with rose essence, these salts redefine self-care.

Sprinkle 150g-200g into your bath, and watch stress dissolve. Himalayan Salt and magnesium offer more than indulgence — they craft a holistic sanctuary.

It's not just a bath; it's a ritual. Mood-enhancing and focus-supporting, these salts activate your Root Chakra, connecting you to earth's energy. Vegan and ethically sourced, they align with your values.

Caution guides our creation. Not for consumption, but a crafted elixir meant for a directed escape into bliss. This isn't just a bath; it's a symphony of self-care, a celebration of you.

Unveil Red Jasper's secrets, dance with roses, and elevate your bathing to an art form. Welcome to a realm where luxury meets nature — where every crystal promises rejuvenation and every drop whispers tranquility.

Customer Reviews

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Jane Shepard
Sweet Rose Aroma

The Sweet Rose Aroma from the salts was just lovely. I added it to my bath, and my bathroom was blissful. I'm going to try it in my cold plunge tomorrow. love this product will buy again!

Ross Carson
Smell amazing !

Nice little addition to my Ice bath