Energise + Uplift Rose Bath Salts

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Tranquillity Red Jasper Bath Salts

Energise + Uplift Rose Bath Salts Features

Immerse in the grounding allure of Red Jasper with Zenchill's luxury bath salts. Infused with rose essence, Energise + Uplift Rose Bath Salts redefine self-care.

Sprinkle 150g-200g into your bath, and watch stress dissolve. Himalayan Salt and magnesium offer more than indulgence — they craft a holistic sanctuary.

It's not just a bath; it's a ritual. Mood-enhancing and focus-supporting, these ice bath salts activate your Root Chakra, connecting you to earth's energy. Vegan and ethically sourced, these are the best bath salts that align with your values.

Caution guides our creation. Not for consumption, but a crafted elixir meant for a directed escape into bliss. This isn't just a bath; it's a symphony of self-care, a celebration of you.

Just as Relax + Rejuvenate Coconut and Focus + Clarity Lavender bath salts provide calming and rejuvenating experiences, Energise + Uplift Rose offers a grounding allure with Red Jasper and rose essence for mood enhancement and focus.

Unveil Red Jasper's secrets, dance with roses, and improve your bathing to an art form. Welcome to a realm where luxury meets nature — where every crystal promises rejuvenation and every drop whispers tranquillity.

Customer Reviews

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Jane Shepard
Sweet Rose Aroma

The Sweet Rose Aroma from the salts was just lovely. I added it to my bath, and my bathroom was blissful. I'm going to try it in my cold plunge tomorrow. love this product will buy again!

Ross Carson
Smell amazing !

Nice little addition to my Ice bath