Focus + Clarity Lavender Bath Salts

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Focus + Clarity Bath Salts

Focus + Clarity Lavender Bath Salts Features

Immerse in the harmonious essence of Blue Lace Agate with Zenchill's luxury bath salts. Enriched with the soothing touch of lavender, Focus + Clarity Lavender Bath Salts redefine the art of self-care.

Sprinkle 150g-200g into your bath, and feel stress dissipate. Himalayan Salt and magnesium create more than a mere indulgence; they craft a holistic sanctuary.

This is beyond a bath; it's a ritual. Offering calming stress relief and 100% vegan credentials, these ice bath salts become your conduit to serene bliss. As you indulge, let Blue Lace Agate's energy activate your Throat Chakra, encouraging clear communication and self-expression.

Vegan and ethically sourced, these bath salts with lavender resonate with your values. Caution is our guide — not for consumption but a crafted elixir designed for a directed journey into bliss. This isn't just a bath; it's a symphony of self-care, a celebration of you.

Like Energise + Uplift Rose and Relax + Rejuvenate Coconut bath salts, Focus + Clarity Lavender offers a luxurious self-care experience, enriched with Blue Lace Agate and lavender for stress relief and clear communication.

Unveil the secrets of Blue Lace Agate, dance with the soothing touch of lavender, and elevate your bathing to an art form. Welcome to a realm where luxury meets intuition — where every crystal promises rejuvenation, and every drop whispers tranquillity.

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Emma Williamson
Smells Amazing !

A Beautiful Scent, focus and clarity 100% !!